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Understanding the Leaderboard Ranking System

Are you ready to climb the leaderboard and prove your skills? Our game rewards your prowess and quick thinking with 'World Points' and we're here to break down how this works

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Season 1 Ranking System


Hey there, gamers!πŸ‘‹πŸ» Are you ready to climb the leaderboard and prove your skills? Our game rewards your prowess and quick thinking with "World Points," and we're here to break down how this works. Whether you're a casual player or aiming for the top, understanding our ranking system will help you strategize your path to glory.

The Basics

2085.WORLD Season 1 is divided into 8 Levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 8. Each level presents unique challenges and opportunities to earn World Points. Here's the catch: not only do you earn base points for completing a level, but if you're quick enough, you can also snag some juicy bonus points!

How Points are Awarded

Base Points: Simply by completing a level, you earn base points. These increase with each level's difficulty, starting at 100 World Points for Level 1 and going up to 800 World Points for Level 8.

Bonus Points: Here's where speed and skill really pay off. Finish among the top 100 players for a level, and you'll earn additional bonus points. The faster you complete the level, the more bonus points you get.

Navigating Through the Ranks: From Bronze to Elite

In our quest for glory, not only do your World Points (WP) elevate your leaderboard status, but they also determine your rank badge - a symbol of your skill, dedication, and achievements. These badges are more than just icons; they are your badge of honor, visible in your profile dashboard and on the official leaderboard. Let's delve into the ranks and see where you stand:

  • Bronze Tier:
    • Bronze 1: Less than 800 WP
    • Bronze 2: 800 to 1,599 WP
    • Bronze 3: 1,600 to 2,399 WP
  • Silver Tier:
    • Silver 1: 2,400 to 3,199 WP
    • Silver 2: 3,200 to 3,999 WP
    • Silver 3: 4,000 to 4,799 WP
  • Gold Tier:
    • Gold 1: 4,800 to 5,599 WP
    • Gold 2: 5,600 to 6,399 WP
    • Gold 3: 6,400 to 7,199 WP
  • The Elite Circle: Season's Top Finishers
    • Finisher 3 (Platinum): A remarkable achievement, setting you apart from the masses.
    • Finisher 2 (Diamond): A testament to your unparalleled skill and determination.
    • Finisher 1 (Elite): The highest honor, reserved for the season's champion.

Showcase Your Achievements

All badges are not just a mark of your success; they are your legacy. Displayed proudly on your profile dashboard and the official leaderboard, they tell the story of your journey, your battles, and your victories. Whether you're a Bronze newcomer or a Gold veteran, each badge is a step towards the ultimate glory β€” the Elite badge.

So, gear up, strategize, and let the world see the champion in you. The leaderboard awaits, and so does your legacy.

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